Growing up, as kids when the question pops up: “What

Growing up, as kids when the question pops up: “What do your want to be when your grow up – the expected answer is a doctor, or a lawyer?” However some kids were graced with exposure to the several other professions that are lesser-known like rocket science, marine science, accounting, dancing, etc), the future ambition of most children were expected to revolve around the Big Five: Medicine, Law, Banking, Engineering and Business because our parents thought that is where the big bucks are stocked. We were raised….without a clue. 
As we grew older, we start to make adjustments to our dreams if any because we realize we need to oil our engine on some courses or we are not cut out for that degree path altogether or we watch an actor/actress in a movie and think “I can do that!” and that gives us another vision. 

This process taught me the journey to being financially free can be multi-dimensional and rigorous, it’s not a one size fit all game. Some people are blessed to be born into riches, some of us have to work our as$es off to attain the level of wealth that we want. If your are doing something and are not seeing progress and your are sure your have dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts that is your have;

  1. Re-evaluated the process again
  2. Review with another professional
  3. You have been consistent
  4. And bringing your A game

You will know if this particular dream should be continued, that is your believe that it is a dream that will bless your with time. If this is your truth your can keep putting effort into that particular work. Then your can decide to turn other professional ideas into money ventures or spice up what your are currently doing. 

    Some Ways To Be Financially Free

    1. As an accountant your can; A. Open an auditing firm where your audit for companies or B. Start a consultation firm to enlighten people about their financial options or even C. You can get a job in a private or government companies.
    2. If as a driver, your can decide to bring in some driving technologies to be financially free for example Uber was introduced to make life easy for the masses whilst empowering people with jobs as well as enriching his pocket. And this is what financial freedom is all about.
    3. People look at cleaning as a dirty and small way of making money. However, cleaning jobs can get your contracts in your community or your can collaborate with an estate agent so that when he seals a deal your definitely seal a deal. With time your may need to build a team so that there are more hands on deck with your being the boss.
    4. As a baker, when your introduce a flavor of or varieties of bread or snacks it brings more customer base to your line of business,your can equally open more outlet within your state to reach out more customer, automatically your are becoming financial free.

    Ways To Start From Little And Grow Bigger In your Are Of Business

    It can be stressful, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating when your are trying to grow a business but remember that 
    even the largest companies started out small. Once your product or services is well-received by your customers then your are definitely doing something right and on your way to be called a big shot. 


    1. Cultivate the habit of reading and listening to motivational; Books that teaches how to be discipline in carrying out your job function.

    2. Develop a presence on social media; On the off chance that your don’t have official social media accounts, open records for your business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the event that your have physical items, consider Pinterest and Instagram too. A Twitter consider found that 85 percent of individuals who pursue a private venture and read its tweets rest easy thinking about the organization, so it merits keeping up a reliable online nearness. Setting up records is the simple part for online networking to be viable, your will likewise need to recognize and develop adherents, post routinely and draw in with guests to your social pages.

    3. Be a good leader;A site and a logo can’t change your into an idea head in your specialty, industry or network. For that, your have to distribute articles that show your aptitude in exchange magazines, industry sites and on LinkedIn. Offer yourself as a speaker at industry discussions and traditions. Your organization might be little, however your can rapidly enhance your notoriety and your image to contend with your bigger rivals.

    Make the Leap to a Business Internet Package When your’re working an independent venture on the web, network directly affects your business’ main concern. Most home web bundles aren’t solid enough for business use—particularly in the event that your intend to advance your business through live video gushing via web-based networking media or facilitating a live online class. All things considered, your need potential clients to recollect the substance your shared, not the time they spent trusting that your video will stack!

    Make a client unwaveringness program. Faithfulness programs are extraordinary approaches to build deals. It costs up to multiple times more cash to secure new clients than it does to pitch something to a current client. Different assets stick this number somewhere in the range of four to multiple times more. Notwithstanding, any way that your cut it, securing new clients is costly. 

    Fraser says that building a client devotion program will enable your to hold clients. It may enable your to pull in new ones as well. In the event that there’s an unmistakable motivation to go through more cash with your, it’ll pay off over the long haul. Construct an alluring faithfulness program and make it available to your current clients and watch deals soar after some time. 


    In conclusion financial freedom starts with an idea sometimes it takes thinking outside the box and then proceeds to putting that idea into practice. I have learn that your should never belittle an idea for example who knew that the guy who created the rubber at the end of shoe lace will have his rubber on every shoe lace today. What a genius!Don’t despise the beginnings they are important because they will lead your to greater heights just stay true to your dreams and visions, Gods blessings will definitely come.

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