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Become a member here Let me start by first defining what affiliate marketing means;

It is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. – Google

I was at a point in my business where I wanted to experience more growth. A cost effective way to extend my business and yet actualize steady flow of more income. After attempting so many other means without any luck, I decided to give affiliate marketing a try. In the beginning, I was so confused and frustrated. I had no idea how it worked, what to do, first steps to take or whether or not it was for my line of business at all or if it will not also be a waste of my time and money.


Like any successful money making venture, affiliate marketing is also about commitment, consistency and dedication. You have to understand first, who your target audience is? what your target audience will want from you? Their interests and how to satisfy it because you want to have customers that come back to your site when they need what you offer. The first rule of the thumb, only advertise products that have been tested and trusted because of course you want customers to purchase not just once but twice, thrice, a fourth time and many more times.

One more thing: You don’t have to choose a product because the commission is high. Don’t get me wrong, choose products that are high in demand even though the commission rates are fair. A quick turn around time is what you want.

After you have sorted all that out, then you ready for the next step; which companies fall in line with the products or services you will be rendering? and also companies in which countries are you looking at and if they have affiliate programs? Most companies do have, you only have to search for them then send tons and tons of emails until they respond to you. You can also search other ways to reach them on their website.

After sticking off the above mentioned steps, the next step is getting started with wealth affiliate.


Wealthy affiliate is a platform whereby you learn how to build your website of your choice with your prefer niche market, This is also a place where your market wealthy affiliate link and earn commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.


  1. Building your niche market.
  2. Keyword research and management.
  3. Website research and analysis.
  4. Bonus and traffic GENERATING .
  5. Social media platform.


an associate showcasing promoter will acquire an expanded overall brand perceivability and all the more vitally, a greater number of genuinely focused on prospects for a settled, forthright settled cost, through financially savvy procurement techniques and without spending a major measure of important time.offshoot promoting is a simple to-learn, ease and hazard free technique to manufacture various reasonable wage streams telecommuting and concentrating on your center abilities.

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